View Full Version : Xbox One storage concerns

1. You will be able to install games on external HDD. Just not at launch and no info on the max cap of theHDD.
2. No. Unless you do not care for your warranty.

It’s possible to upgrade the hard drive in a Xbox One although it’s quite hard (info here:http://www.geek.com/games/you-can-replace-the-xbox-one-hard-drive-but-its-hard-1577953/ ). It’s much easier in a PS4.
Or you just get a PC, the ‘console’ that played ‘next-gen’ games two years ago and is cheaper.

Thanks. I already have a high-end PC (though built ~3 yrs ago) that I use solely for MMO’s. But MMO’s have proven too addictive to me and I’ve had to cold turkey a few weeks ago which also increased my interest in the next gen consoles in the first place. And more of my friends use consoles too. Figured I’d go with the crowd on this.