View Full Version : PS4 Owners... is it worth buying it now or should I wait for it?

How long are you willing to wait?
Chances are, we won’t see any value added bundles (PS4+Game+PSN or something like that for ~$400) till around Black Friday/Christmas next year and we’re likely not going to get price drops until at least 18 months (much more likely to be 24+ months). If you can’t wait that long, you might as well jump the gun and get it now.

If I don’t by this winter, I probably won’t get one until earliest spring/summer or possibly fall..
I don’t know if i can wait for more than a year…

It’s unlikely there will be a price drop any time soon, so you may as well pull the trigger when you get the chance.

But there might will be a price drop for games in the coming months. Also add the fact that new games will be out by then.. it’s worth waiting some months if possible, anyway, I think it’s worth buying in the 6-8 next months without getting being disappointed by the 1st price drop of the console. To conclude you all guys have a good window to buy it.