View Full Version : Xbox One and Cable Box in seperate rooms of the house

The Xbox controls the cable box with IR. So it must be in the same room as the cable box unfortunately. I am in the same boat as you with my Xbox in the man cave.

I’d forgotten about the IR as well. Looking like i’ll just have to have it in the living room now

If you use a DVR at all forget it! The Xbox One integration with TV should be consider a beta, it’s extremely limited. I used it for about 10 minutes and now I’m back to having my One and DirecTV box separate.

Why separate it? Even if you don’t want to use the Xbox One guide you are free to continue using your cable box remote all you like and still receive game invites and notifications from your system.
Its quite nice getting a game invite for FIFA while watching tv, and easily hoping in the game using voice…the snapping TV in between games and half time to check the score of the football game.
IF curious about my use case…if i’m holding the xbox remote i use the One guide…if just watching tv i typically use my harmony remote directly controlling my dvr.