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Call of Duty 4 was quite a romp.
Played that game for hours upon hours each day over the Summer of ‘08.
The community wasn’t too crap like it is today.

For 360
1. Bioshock
2. Mass Effect Trilogy
3. Portal
4. Forza 4/Horizon
5. Skyrim
Ken Levine and those at Irrational are great. Bioshock 1 and Infinite make me glad to play games. Games like that keep the faith that we won’t just see derivative sequels every year. Infinite is still my GOTY.
Skyrim…..no other game has instilled a sense of wonder in me. I explored every cm of that game. And I still haven’t done everything. Skryim was a place man, you could go there and just wonder…
Portal was a surprise. Just a great puzzle game. Gave me headaches trying to figure out some of those puzzles. The Second game was even better. The humor, and the smug sense of satisfaction I had when I beat GlaDos puzzles.
My love of cars is coloring my decision to include Forza (as is my love of Top Gear U.K.)
That said, the attention to detail was amazing in that game. Having Jeremy Clarkson sit and hilariously describe certain cars in that game was a well worth it alone. It really is the best sim I’ve ever played. That said sometimes I didn’t want a sim,….enter Forza Horizon. Listen here, what playground games did, I didn’t think could be done. They made a open world street racer with sim handling. It’s probably one o the most fun games I’d ever played. I hear they are working on a sequel for Xbox One. Frankly, I can’t wait.
And Mass Effect. Game of the generation for me personally. I don’t think I’ve ever been so engrossed in a universe in my life. When I tell you I love that series, trust me (http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/16/2801387/3-6-12-the-mass-effect), I’ll never get over it. I guarantee I’ve played each game at least 3 times. If I were trapped on an island and could only play one game, I’d pick Mass Effect Trilogy. There are too many moments in those games to point out. The 1st time I played through the 1st game I killed Wrex (unintentionally). Me finding out Garrus was hilarious, Thane eing the coolest assassin ever, my hatred for Zaeed, breaking up fights on the Normandy, watching Edi and Joker pick with each other, The Citadel DLC in game 3.. Won’t lie, kinda got mushy, I didn’t want it to end though. So much fan service, And can I say, the 3rd had a surprisingly addictive Multiplayer. I was against it as 1st but, it had some unique qualities too it. That series….just epic what can I say. Everyone should play it.
Honerale Mention : Halo 4. I know it’s “Halo”, but 343….they made a believer out of me. the story they have set up in Halo 4 (as well as Sparetan Ops), is the reason I’m looking forward to Halo in 2014. The Story, I know right?
( I know it long, sorry).

PGR 3: The graphics at the time blew my damn mind (I was 12)!

The Uncharted series: Beautiful game with a great story line and gameplay.

COD 4: That’s literally the only FPS that I can play.

GTA IV and the Episodes of Liberty city: I was pretty disappointed in GTA IV, but I did like the episodes.

College Hoops 2k8: The last great college basketball game.

Saints Row 1 & 2: Loved the first one more than the second one, but these games were seriously fun! 3 and 4 are trash.

GTA V: Still kind of disappointed in this game, but I did enjoy it.

I’m going to echo everyone else here and mention Mass Effect.
I first played through the trilogy on my computer soon after ME3 came out (April-May 2012). Steam had a sale on the first two and I had heard many good things about the series, so I picked them up on a whim and devoured them. Bought the third one on disc soon after from GameStop – they had it half off despite it only being a couple months old. I loved all three of them – they were fun, the story and universe were engrossing, and I’m a huge sucker for pretty much any science fiction. But I moved on afterwards, shelving them as “great games”, but not having any particular attachment to them other than a miniature Normandy model I bought as a desk ornament because it looked awesome. I didn’t buy any of the DLC, I didn’t go gaga over the ending (which, in all honesty, didn’t bother me too much), and I didn’t much think about it after a few weeks.
This summer (2013) my younger sister moved in with my girlfriend and I. She had just finished her Bachelor’s degree and just needed a place to stay until August, when she started dental school. My sister and I have always been close – we like the same music and movies, we share the same favorite author (Brandon Sanderson!), and we’ve always played video games together. Or, to be more accurate, she has always enjoyed watching me play video games. Since I personally like video games with strong storylines (RPG’s and some adventure games, generally), this ended up working out well. As children we spent days together playing through Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Tales of Symphonia, and Final Fantasy.
One day, while shopping for groceries at the local Target, she pointed out the Mass Effect Trilogy box set for Xbox 360. It was on sale for $40, and she mentioned that the previous summer I had told her how much I had enjoyed the games. At this point my Xbox (which was actually a hand-me-down from my girlfriend’s brother) was nothing more than a Netflix box – I had avoided video games since finally kicking the WoW addiction the autumn before. But I figured “why not”, and bought it.
Every morning for the next two months, we both woke up, made some breakfast, and sat down to play for an hour or two before I had to leave for work. My new FemShep became our morning companion (I played “canon” male Shepard for my PC playthrough, so I wanted to see if Jennifer Hale was really that incredible – if you haven’t done so I would strongly recommend playing through as FemShep; Hale owns the character). And my sister and I bonded over our shared experience of of the games. We both cheered like sports fans at the end of the suicide mission. I bought every piece of story DLC so we could experience all of the universe. We both bawled like children at Mordin’s mission in ME3. And Citadel. Oh my god, Citadel.
And that’s the funniest thing; over the course of playing the game again, even though I knew all the story beats and all the characters and all their interactions, it somehow hit me so much deeper on this playthrough. Sharing the experience with my sister made all of the experience so much more profound. It wasn’t just my Shepard and my game, it was ours. And it’s something that we both will share for the rest of our lives. We became that much closer over a group of fictional characters who feel so real. She’s since moved to Boston to work on her DMD, and I’ve moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a doctorate in European History, but for the rest of my life I will remember how we saved the galaxy together while eating Cheerios and orange juice.
And that’s definitely the experience that is going to stick with me the most about this generation.