View Full Version : XBO reacted to word "home" in a song

Obviously it wont just do that so someone had to of had it in the “Listening” state from saying Xbox before it expired/timed out.. You know .. how you have to say “Stop Listening” which displays in the upper right to get it to stop or it times out after like 20 seconds ..

Seriously, you think he lied? Come on. Software is flawed; weird stuff happens, especially with new hardware. That seems like a more logical possibility than ‘WHY IS THIS POLYGON GUY LYING’
The real problem is that the system doesn’t warn you if you’re in the middle of a multiplayer match and attempt to switch to leave the application – some things should require a user prompt, period.

I own an xbox one, I can attest that that, seems like I lie. I own BF4, Forza and Dead Rising. When playing BF4, the game itself will boot you out for no reason. EA’ servers are a complete mess. They clearly need to work on them. But when I tell it “Xbox, Go Home”. It does exactly that. It goes home, But the game, even in multiplayer, stays running in the background. You have to use the menu button, and pres “quit” to stop the game completely.