View Full Version : What about VR for Xbox?

I’m fairly confident that we will see something from them soon. Not sure if it will be a VR type thing or what but they’ve got to do something unique. I’m not really counting on hololens because of the dev kit price. Who knows, maybe they’ll pop it out for 3 or 4 hundred bucks but that’s doubtful.

As of now, both VR and AR are not mature yet.So,I don’t think we can decide which is better just yet
There is certainly 1 distinct advantage that AR has over VR.You get all the "benefits of VR + ability to see"

Although,the major differentiator is going to be the content available for VR/AR.As of now,since a lot of game developers are pushing for VR*,more content is available for them.As AR is much more practical,there aren’t ‘groundbreaking games’ for it.Just some professional ones**