View Full Version : "Men call themselves gamers, but just as many women play games"

You’re 100 percent correct. I felt the article was useless. Who cares if as many girls play games as guys. My girlfriend plays hitman go on her phone but she is not a gamer. She doesn’t like playing video games and doesn’t play for long periods. People self identify as gamers. I’m a gamer been gaming since NES. I have over 500 hours on Destiny alone. Most people play games on their phones but they are not gamers. Last night I stayed up till 1:00 playing fallout. I woke up at 6 and played again. Went on the gym came back and played again lol. You can’t force people to want to identify as a gamer. It is a self choice.

I don’t think it’s that simple.
If I run to catch an elevator, am I a runner now?
If I ate a booger when I was five, am I a booger eater?

You missed his point. The definition of gamer is not the old one that Logan pulled up. Gamer is something you have to self identify as.
Also just because you know how to swim doesn’t make you a swimmer. You’re a swimmer if you enjoy swimming and regularly swim. I know how to swim and i’m not a swimmer.