View Full Version : Xbox One vs PS4: Multiplayer / Racing / Action / Shooter

Cars is on PS4 too and it is a different game than Forza/GT; you might also want to consider AC.
I believe Forza > GT at this moment; but this might not matter much if you jump to Cars/AC.

PS has some exclusive content in some games, while Xbox has tomb rider already and PS4 will get it a year later. Not sure which titles are (pure) exclusives for each system.
Shooters live or die by MP. If your friends have just Xbox, get Xbox. If they have only PS, get that one. If they have both, get either.
Online MP should be slightly better on Xbox, but people define most of experience – it doesn’t help if service is better if your friends aren’t there.

If you focus on racing, (online) shooters and action adventure games then Xbox One wins easily.
Gran Turismo hasn’t been the best for a while. Driveclub is a failure (though it isn’t bad right now) while both Forza Horizon and core Forza are every year one upping themselves in what makes the best racing games.
Sony doesn’t have good shooters in their lineup. Killzone and Resistance are dead. Most shooters though are multiplatform but you still get Halo, Crackdown and elite controller is sick.
As for action adventure – Quantum Break, Scalebound, Tomb Raider, Gears of War 4. On the other than Playstation 4 will have excellent titles here as well – it’s hard to tell which will fare better in the end but both consoles are a great choice.
You shouldn’t be bothered about slight graphics difference. It isn’t noticeable in vast majority of games.
Ideally – if you like those 3 genres the most – get Xbox One now and plan for Playstation 4 in next 2-3 years to catch up with exclusives.