View Full Version : How do you (if it is possible) add a file to a project?

I have a - or at least want to have - a Tcl project - it is a specific directory which has a *.komodoproject file in it. I have created three *.tcl files in that directory. The most recent tcl file I created does not show up on the left when the "open folder" icon is clicked. I created this with the project open. I closed the project and re-opened it and it still doesn't know about this third fie. I notice that no files are listed in the project file which has me baffled as to why it sees two but not the third, and what exactly a project file is used for, if not to hold the locations and names of files in the project .http://forum.komodoide.com/uploads/default/original/2X/f/ff1f8ce33d612fad07f999e23748f65869a5465d.pnghttp://forum.komodoide.com/uploads/default/original/2X/e/eae6311f1ec90331fca2e745b421aa3bf2e4995d.png

Did you create your files outside of Komodo? If so, you may need to right-click > Refresh View in the places pane.

It's a reference point so Komodo can perform contextual actions on your project files. The project file stores no information about specific files in your project. It does store meta information about your project:

Project root dir
Project level prefs
Project name


I created it inside of Komodo and with this project open.. However, when I started Komodo this time and opened that project, all three files were showing in "Places" without me having to do a "Refresh View". But thanks for the tip I will try a "Refresh View" if I run into this again.

Thanks for this info. I will assume that a projects' files must all reside in the same directory as the project file. But that is normal anyway.