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OK, I feel like I'm missing something. Commando is marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Much like with Siri, Commando almost never gets me to anything I wanted.
What's your experience? How do you use Commando? How does it help your work? What's great about it for you?

Looking forward to how others use it, as well. Personally I went back to using Komodo Edit 6 for the lightning fast Open File in Project and Find Text in Project functionality that sold me on Komodo in the first place.

I use it for just about everything. I can just type a path (or part one one) and there's my file. I have a bunch of utility scripts/macros) that I can bring up, execute, check the return, and boom. Symbol browsing, boom.

I use it constantly for the following:
- Opening files in my project
- Locating symbol definitions
- Running commands that I don't use quite enough to bother setting a keybinding for them
Remember that all of those are fuzzy matching so you don't have to write complete paths or complete filenames. You can even type parts of a single symbol name if you don't remember the whole thing.
Those are just the aspects that I use many times a day. I use every aspect of Commando regularly.
Really glad you asked @cdcmicro (http://forum.komodoide.com/users/cdcmicro). Commando is as powerful as we claim it is (I think so any way http://forum.komodoide.com/images/emoji/apple/stuck_out_tongue.png?v=2 ). If it's not intuitive then we want to here about it. These are the kinds of discussions we like.
@CoreyB (http://forum.komodoide.com/users/coreyb), Commando File scope was modeled after Open Files then extended to be more robust. If it's not working how you used Open Files something might be wrong. I believe it took a bit of getting used to when we first switched from Open Files to Commando (Komodo 8 to 9) but I don't miss it.


This is going to sound pretty stupid, I realize, but I'm going to ask... how exactly does one enter "Meta+>" and "Meta+<" on a Mac?
Those appear to be the default keybindings for opening Commando with the Files and Open Files scopes based on what I see in the keybindings preferences and under the Help > List Key Bindings menu entry, but where "<" is the shifted "," character and ">" is a shifted ".", I can't seem to get there... Meta+. and Meta+Shift+. (which is how I might expect to get to Meta+>) both seem to be tied to debugging commands. Meta+, goes to Preferences and Meta+Shift+, (which, again, is how I might expect to get to Meta+<) doesn't do anything.
It's little ankle-twisters like these that can be just off-putting enough to keep users from poking at some of the goodness that is apparently buried in there...