View Full Version : Restore split view after restart

I would like have Komodo Edit restore the split view and tab(s) in each view whenever Komodo is restarted. How can I do this?

Check out Prefs > Projects and Workspace > "When starting Komodo"
Note I don't believe that this covers split views. @careyh (http://forum.komodoide.com/users/careyh) is working on a new feature for Komodo 9 which will let you manually save and restore your workspaces, it's available as a limited macro here (limited in that it wont include all the functionality that the full feature will have in Komodo 9)

I suspect one of you is testing one way and finding split-view working, but the other is doing it differently. Let's consider all combinations of ...
It may matter if there are multiple Edit window open:
How to get multiple windows:
* "Open Project in New Window" (right click in left tab).
* Other ways?
Ways Komodo might be closed:
* File > Exit (Perhaps this lets it remember split view, but the others don't.)
* [x] in upper corner of each open window
* System crash
* TaskManager -> Kill process
* Other ways?
"Project closure":
* Do nothing to close or save the project before closing the Editor.
* Project > Close
* Project > Close All Projects
* Other ways?
* Or is the Project automatically closed on Exit (except for system crash)?