View Full Version : How To Best Report Crashes

Komodo 10 crashes on me 1 to 4 times each day. I'm wondering what the best way to report these would be? Should I just the Report A Bug button and attach a log file? Does the dev team already automatically receive crash dumps each time this happens?

FWIW, I've had slightly more uptime by disabling debugging - something of a deal-breaker for many IDE users, I know.

Best means to report a bug is through Github.
We receive the bug reports if you get the crash dialog but we do not proactively follow up. There is no context of what the user was doing with those reports and they don't contain very much information oddly enough.
A bug report with exact steps to reproduce the crash is the best method.


@careyh (http://forum.komodoide.com/users/careyh) What recommendation(s) do you have if the crashes are not reproducible? I'm seeing at least a couple crashes each day, typically when Komodo is not in active use (i.e, just sitting in the background with files open while I deal with stuff in other applications). I can't say it definitively, but I don't think I've had the current release crash yet while I am actively using it -- only in the background. I've grabbed the logs before restarting and there's really nothing that I can see in there that seems common to the crashes or indicative of problems.
If those crash reports are not useful to your team and are not actively reviewed, I'd recommend removing that logic from the application as it certainly gives the (apparently false) impression that there's some value in submitting the crash reports.