View Full Version : How do I enable Source Code Control in Komodo 10?

I'm a long time Komodo user, recently switching to 10.0 and Source Code Control is not working. All menu items in the "Source Code Control" context menu are disabled. I've filled out the Perforce section of Preferences=>Source Code Control. Is there a new on/off switch somewhere? When I try to save a file after making changes I get a dialog that says the file is ready only and only offers to Force-Save, Cancel, and Save-As

It sounds as if something is wrong with your setup. Does the same perforce repository work with Komodo 9?
Note Komodo 10 VCS works best if you point Komodo to the source directory of your repository.

I agree - I switched a project from 8.5 to 9, and SCC (git specifically) is just working. Empty SCC menus sometimes, I can't run an update, etc. So far I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting 10 to be useable.

I appreciate your frustration, but for us to look into this we'll need to know more than that you are having trouble. Please be descriptive with your issues.