View Full Version : Any way to compile C remotely?

I found many ways to work remotely in Komodo, using scp publishing and macros to send commands, I think is possible to compile c using commands remotely, sadly I can not figure it how to do it yet.
Actually I am uploading my C files using komodo SCP server tool (a remote project file, not using publishing tool).
These are the commands I need to run on the remote server to compile and run the program (it's a linux server):
gcc my_program.c -o my_program
./my_programThere is any way to send these commands and get the answer on the Komodo Console?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, you could try creating a new toolbox command (Tools > Run Command... and then check "Add to Toolbox") that executes your compile command remotely on a server. I'm not exactly sure what the syntax would be, but I'm pretty sure ssh allows this. Any output should be printed in Komodo's output window.

Thank you mitchell, I can not figure it yet, to run a remote command I need to give komodo an user, password and address to connect, Where can I write these parameters?

I use a command to restart a remote web server; you can probably adapt it to do what you want:
You'll probably want to use the "parse output with" and/or "open output pane" to see whatever it does.
(For reference, the 'web bounce' command I use is a shell script that does the magic work; you'd probably want a similar script on the remote end.)