View Full Version : Find in files doesn’t appaer to look into “Tests” directories

It appears that "Find in files" (the one that appears on the bottom) is not recursing into directories namesTests. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but I don't see any option that would cause this to happen.
I had random searches that didn't produce results, despite there being matches. Upon investigation it seems it just doesn't look into certain directories.
This is a git repository, but these directories are not marked in any way (they're special to our build scripts only).
I've removed the Filter as well and it still doesn't search in those folders.

It instead appears to only be looking 2-levels deep, since if I search from a folder higher it doesn't find any of my source files at all, not just the Tests ones. The Tests folder just happens to be a deeper folder than usual.
Is this an option somewhere to restrict search depth?

The search depth will be far more than 2, it sounds like that's correlation - not causation.
Are you sure you don't have the folder in your Project excludes?
Is the folder in question under a symlink by any chance?

I have no project file (not a Komodo project, nor a Komodo recognized one that is).
These are not symlinked directories. The main directory is ssh mounted (but I'm guessing Komodo doesn't care about that).