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My PC has been down for a while now and I've gotten the chance to fix it again. It broke when the hard drive became corrupted and kept on giving BSODs (don't remember the error code for those times). I got a new hard drive and installed it fine but I get BSODs about halfway through an install of windows 7 or 8 (I've tried both incase it was a disc problem) The error I get is a ntfs.sys one and the rest of the error screen is attached,
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I've tried different computers but the storage controller seems like it could be the issue as I bought a new hard drive and a new Sata cable (correct transfer) not too long ago and they went in fine. My motherboard has also been acting like garbage with ports on the back not working and a 25% chance of my CMOS battery going to bleep.

Just trying again for a reinstalling hoping to get more information I got an error this time after the windows files were done copying. Error code 0x80070570

Are you asking for some sort of help with this?
I can Google the error code for you, but that's all that I can see to do here.