View Full Version : Best Multi Platform Alternative to Zune/Zune Pass

As i have used everything worth using out there, because of curiosity or because i reviewed the service. I can assure you that right now there is just NOTHING as good as Zune Pass. Because nothing else offers you the dual use of streaming and having the actual song files for the same all-you-can-eat price.
So count me in with Jameseh with NO as the answer.

Yeah I tried rdio a long time ago and mainly was p.o’d at the fact that they didn’t have 5-8 bands that I liked and no file streaming. Spotify won’t let you have a unified library unless you star everything. I haven’t tried MOG or Groove shark but they look terrible as well.
Heres to hoping for the Lumia 900 on VZW….other wise I might need to find a zune because my HD seems to be freezing and f’ing up more as time goes on.

Yeah there’s nothing like Zune Pass.
Spotify will let you mix in your local tracks on the desktop application (everything will be under “library”, local files specifically will be in “local”.
But, you can’t mix it all together on the mobile app for iOS, and I heard/I’ve read that the Android app sucks.
Grooveshark is pretty cool, but because of their user generated content thing, a lot of albums have messed up tags, so you’ll get duplicates and a sloppy library. You can upload your own music to your account and mix in whatever you find. It’s web-based, and a subscription for mobile is $5-$10 depending on whether you get it on sale or not. And you have to get the app from them directly for Android or jailbroken only iOS.
Google Music is great, but there’s no subscription service. You have to buy songs and albums like iTunes. There might not be official apps across all platforms, but they do have an HTML5 player for iOS devices and I guess any non-Android device.
I really liked Zune, but I couldn’t deal with it only being for Windows and Windows Phone 7. Now I use a combination of Grooveshark for passing phase music and radio using Tinyshark on my phone and the Grooveshark website on my computer, and Google Music for my personal collection (which has expanded a little thanks to Tinyshark Downloader)

I would say RDIO is probably the best alternative. The collection feature most resembles the way the Zune Pass works. On Spotify you have to star tracks you like, which drives me insane. For local tracks I would use either Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player. I’ve been using Cloud Player but the interface on Google Music is better.