View Full Version : Best Note-Taking App for Equations/Physics/Math...

Not sure if you’re looking for a tablet app or not, but Note Taker HD (http://www.notetakerhd.com/) for the iPad is pretty incredible. It lets you combine handwriting, images, shapes, and documents to make some really awesome multimedia documents, it gets regularly updated, and was written by Dan Bricklin — the author of the original VisiCalc. Definitely worth the five bucks.

On a related note (AHAHAHA): I really like UPAD, which is kinda similar conceptually, but much better to write using your finger IMO (you get a palm rest area and an automatically advancing input field, so it’s almost as comfortable as writing with a pen).

When the iPad first came out, I thought it was really pointless that there was no good note-taking app like this. Guess it’s time to re-evaluate the iPad, then…although I still think it’s somewhat silly.