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Women Safety is a concern in most of the developing countries. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2013 by World Economic Forum which examines the gap between men and women in four categories which are Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival & Political Empowerment, India has been ranked 101 whereas Iceland , Finland and Norway tops the list. On one side India is a place where girls are worshipped in form of Durga Mata and on the other side a lot of crime happens against women in India that includes rape , child marriage , infanticide and slavery. There has been an initiative by a lot of mobile apps companies that have designed apps for women safety where women can get help of any sorts when they are in danger.

Download Top 7 Mobile Apps for Women's Safety. Share & Educate

Mobile applications are often designed for entertainment and for other useful things. What I love most is the mobile apps for women’s safety. I have lots of women whom I care for and to protect. Here is the list of the best women’s safety mobile apps:

1.Circle of 6
4.Fight Back
5.Final Words

Apps like Nirbhaya, bSafe needs to get promote. Actually these kind of apps can help a lot to women’s.