View Full Version : How to-do apps make money?

I rely on to-do app much due to my procrastination and therefore, I've tried almost all to-do apps at marketplace during the past years.

The one I am currently using is TickTick and I am deeply impressed by its simplicity and easy-to-use.

TickTick makes money by offering PRO account. Though I really love, I feel ashamed to say I haven't upgraded to PRO because all the free features is too enough for me.

As I know, other to-do apps like Wunderlist, Todoist also use the similar revenue model: membership subscription.

Then, here comes my question: is there any other ways that to-do apps can use to make money in the long-run? (Unfortunately my previous favorite to-do app Astrid was acquired by Yahoo).

Most will aim to offer some sort of paid pro version, or potentially implement ads. I havenít seen ads much, but pro accounts/subscriptions are very common.

However, as you mention, another revenue/exit opportunity is building a product that a big company will just go out and buy because itís easier than having to build in house or they need the talent (acqui-hire).

Yes, I also didn’t see ads probably because they are productivity apps. And advertising may distract users more or less.

Being acquired by big company however is not a happy thing for users like you & me. I hope that TickTick won’t be acquired by any company because I really don’t want to take time to search for another replacement.

Does being acquired by a larger company introduce a defect into the software? Why would you stop using an app that you otherwise enjoy?

They don’t.

They throw some code around a good idea and pitch it to VC’s, effectively selling a portion of the company for cash.

They then burn through that cash improving on the idea until they either get acquired by a large company, or close down.

Oops..if so, no to-do list will ever last long. What a bad news for users like me.