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I have a Dell Latitude E74440 that I upgraded to 10 last year. Recently, performance has gotten pretty sluggish. It's especially noticeable when typing or scrolling- both exhibit a delay of a few seconds to respond. The HDD light is also blinking fairly regularly (using an SSD) yet task manager shows pretty low disk %.

What I have tried so far:
- updating chipset and other drivers
- disabling unnecessary startup programs
- using cclenaer
- malwayrebytes scan
- avg online scan

When starting in safe mode, it runs normally. Any suggestions on something to try short of reformatting?

G'day JamieO, and Welcome to BC

The fact that everything is normal in safe mode probably indicates that a driver is involved....

The fun part is discovering which driver.

Do you have either a restore point to go back to....or a backup on an external hard drive...?

Can you guesstimate when this sluggishness started....maybe in relation to any particular windows update...?

Hve you installed any programs that perhaps coincide with the slow down or maybe a new mouse/keyboard/other item that plugs into a usb port...??

Thanks for the reply. I can't pinpiont an exact time that it started, but it seems it has gotten progressively worse as opposed to going from fine to slow overnight.

I did install a remote access program (NoMachine) recently. I will try uninstalling that to see if that improves things at all.

doubt that is the culprit.