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Hello, and thanks for including me in your forum.

I live in Alaska, and I take lots of photos to send "home". Sending them through email works fine, but I am limited to 25MB of attachments. I use ultra resizer but it reduces the size so that the recipient couldnt print them effectively)

But thats not what I posted for.

When emailing photos, the only way I can include a description of the photo itself is through the file name, or to try and enter additional text in the body of the message. Remember in the old days, we would stuff some photos into an envelope and write on the bac? (This is Gramps on 4th of jully, with his new boat, etc>)

All online newspapers have photo galleries, and as you scroll through them, there is always a place where they describe it.

This is what I want to do, as opposed to sending a "stack" of photos, with no description.

Can you recommend any software, or online service, where I can accomplish this. I hope you know what I am after. These are just personal photos, and would not be opposed to having them in the public domain. I hate FACEBOOK, don't suggest that! LOL

I appreciat any suggestions you may be able to offer. Thanks in advance


Have you tried googling ? In a post further down the forum there is a reference to Foto Tagger which is along the lines you described. Even if that is not exactly what you are after, there must be similar apps.

More complicated methods include creating a pdf or web page document to link to the images. The comments would appear on the document, not the photos. Personally I would write a simple html page to go with the pics but some knowledge of html is required. Many image editors can create html pages which you can further edit to incorporate comments.

You can also try using google plus for uploading and sharing your photos. http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1047374

Having looked into it further, the simplest method would be to use an online service, providing you don't mind your photos being on someone's server. All the methods I've thought of for sending the slideshow with the pics via email have problems, mostly because you need some sort of slideshow engine. Most graphic editors can make a standalone exe slideshow that also displays image comments. Those may be seen by email servers as potentially malicious. The images are usually embedded so cannot be easily printed. By going online, someone is providing the mechanics for you.