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Hi there. I am very confused and frustrated, and I am hoping someone here will be able to help me. I am trying simply to print images, but my printer insists on resizing them.

I spent a lot of time in paint.net creating a set of personalized playing cards of an unusual size: 2.5 inches by 4.75 inches. Now that I have finished the cards, I want to print them out. Each card is saved as an image file of that size.

I am not even trying to print them onto paper of that particular size. I just want to be able to print images of the cards onto regular sheets of letter-sized cardstock, and then cut them from the cardstock by hand.

It never occurred to me that a printer would refuse to print an image at the size specified in the image file....but I can't get my Kodak printer (Kodak Hero 3.1 All-in-One) to do it. I have tried printing it two ways: 1) directly from the image file in paint.net, and 2) from inside the Kodak AiO Home Center program that installed with the printer. Either way, the box that comes up when I try to print forces me to choose from a small group of standard print sizes for the image. These range from "wallet size," through 3"x5" and 4"x6", to "full page." I cannot for the life of me find any way to print the image at its actual size, even when I uncheck "fill page."

I called Kodak this afternoon and spent much too long on the phone with a representative who was as clueless as I and finally told me that "This does not seem to be possible with this printer."

Does that even make sense? Could I honestly be asking too much from a printer, to simply print an image without resizing, as it exists in the image file?!

Thanks for any help you can give. I am feeling very annoyed at Kodak right now, and want to know if I'm missing something.

Is this 2 sided printing?

One workaround I have used is to open a Word or an Open Office doc.

insert the pictures onto a document and print that document

Also, I have saved that same doc as a PDF and printed

Hello -
This should not be a very hard exercise, unless the printer has too many settings

I can only relate on how I create my own Business Cards (Credit card size).

First I relate these to A4 size paper that I want to print them onto with a Cannon printer.
Once I have the number of cards that I want to print I set them across the page so they fit.

From here I can Preview the print out and know if they fit the size and number that I want to print.

If I only print one at a time, I am not sure what size they will finish except for a "basic idea" in Preview.

By fitting them side to side and using the Preview function, I know what size will be produced.

About all I have for you -

The "Double Sided" mention above also had me thinking ? as I only do single side and turn them over.

Thank you both for the suggestions. It sounds like pasting them into a document is the way to go. It is two-sided, but I can work with that and do it in steps.

How strange that this would be necessary.

Thanks again very much for your help. :)

Just a thought...Have you considered using a program like MS Publisher? I use it all the time. There are all sorts of ready made templates to format your card designs. You can be very creative with your images and lay-outs. There are guides to measure and match up your designs to print both sides. Also you can specify the size of your project etc.... Then in 'print preview' you can see how it will look.

Also check the printer page settings ie: page size, colour and tone settings. That is important because if you are printing photos or art designs you don't want to have your printer set to just 'black & white text'. Also I suggest that you spend some time reading the printer manual to understand how it works together with your computer.

When you are happy with your designs etc. convert your project to a PDF. That way, should you decide to go to a professional printer it will be easy for them to print your project. I have a small Epson printer which is just great for 'draft' copies but if I want really nice laser prints on special papers or card I go to a photocopy/printing shop.

Cheers :)