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Unless anyone could help point me in the direction of where to download a safe full version of Adobe Photoshop for free, which I would greatly appreciate, I need help finding other similar, free programs.

I'm starting a technical career program at my school next year for Graphic Design and I know very little about it, it would be helpful for me to get ahead of the game with a little practice over the summer. Also I'm interested in T-Shirt designing so any programs that are specifically easy to do that with would be helpful to know about. Some programs I already know about are GIMP and Paint.NET so I was also curious if anyone could tell me where to get the legitimate virus-free version of those programs because I'm paranoid that the combination of my bad luck and lack of computer security will lead to me downloading a virus with the programs if I simply Google search for them.



Safe full versions of Photoshop for free is not going to happen. This is due to cost and copyright issues.

For Gimp the source is here: http://www.gimp.org/

For Paint.net the source is here: http://www.getpaint.net/

Here is a link for another well regarded, free, photo editing software, Photoscape.


You should also check with your school. Many schools allow you to get an educational price for Photoshop if you are a student. It ain't free, but it is not as expensive as a full Photoshop license...and it is legal. For example, the university that I teach part-time at offers Photoshop CS6 to students for $199.

There is also options directly from Adobe:


It does get complicated somewhat by Adobe going for the money grab by going to their "Creative Cloud" license structure. On the plus side, you could just do a Photoshop Creative Cloud student (or even non-student) license for a couple of months over the summer.

The other option is Photoshop Elements. It will do a lot of what Photoshop does for a lot less money.

Of course, as noted by the other poster, there is always GIMP if you want/need free.