View Full Version : i have really big problem in excel 2007

There's simple way to describe my problem:

1.i use my big sister laptop for excel, word and etc

2.sometimes....i just cock like i knew what i do (thinking like i'm super geek or whatever)

3.i changes several or maybe all major settings in excel 2007

4.and VOILA!!!........i cant export or import like usual way like......manufactured setting or very very first time setting! because all was ruined.

5.it because from very first time i wanna use the excel from export and import CSV to or from my online shop (many of online shop need CSV format to deal export import)

6.but the more i dig in and setting whatever i can find.............all i can see the excel 2007 more break loose because what i do! HELP HELP HELP.....

If any of you knew what i'm thinking or wanna to say........please help me!! how to roll back microsoft excel 2007 like the first time

If there;s no way to do it like that! i'm ready to do it by manual but hear me out guys.........i'm very low understanding about excel so spare with high technical IT words about it......make it simple for me! T_T thanks if even one of you wanna help me

i'm pretty sure the problem i have is..........my excel tablesheet format has become CSV

sku,"productname","list_price","reg_price","active" ZGMF1000,"strike gundam","1100000.0","1200000.0","" ZGMF1200,"Strike noir","750000.0","800000.0","" ZGFM184HX,"Freedom gundam","2950000.0","2900000.0",""

it became like this...........i want this to be normal again like before!! i just copy paste this like i have right now in my excel

how to make it normal again?? just like normal tablesheet.....or let say normal excel and not like this

Have you tried the Repair tool? I don't know if this will do what you want, but it's the closest thing I could find to what you're looking for. Of course you could always uninstall & reinstall Excel. That would certainly do it. There's always System Restore too.

Good luck.

With Save As you can save in any format you want including Excel Workbook, CSV, and numerous others. To change the default for saving spreadsheets, click the orb in the upper left corner -> Excel Options -> Save -> Save files in this format. There you can change the default to whatever you wish.

Good luck.