View Full Version : Android games without in-app-purchases?

The big two would be:
1. Monument Valley (although there’s now an expansion pack, which is arguably IAP)
2. Swords & Sworcery
The Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run games have IAP in the way of various costumes, but they have no affect on gameplay and there’s never an in-game prompt (beyond the menu screen) to purchase them.

Out there, strategy, survival, deep-space exploration. Around 4 bucks, but goes on sale sometimes.
Minecraft, survival, creative, action, around 6 bucks
Game dev story, you have your game company and you develop games, pixeled graphics and 8 bit music, 3 dollars I guess, I got it on sale.

The Room. And The Room 2. Both amazing puzzle games.
Hoplite (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magmafortress.hoplite&hl=en) technically has in-app purchases, but it’s a one-time $2 fee that basically is just purchasing the full game. It’s a turn-based dungeon-crawler that I played obsessively last year. Just find the option to turn on the legacy graphics — they’re pixel art that’s a lot better than the more modern style he switched to.

Kindom Rush (and it’s Sequels)
The best tower defence games I’ve played on Android
Hitman Go
Turn-based stealth/strategy game
The Banner Saga
Final Fantasy Tactics-style SRPG with Nordic aesthetics
80 Days
A "gamebook" style RPG that’s the best I’ve played on Android so far