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I have a customer that has a folder with several hundred word documents in .RTF format that have his business contacts information inside. I need to find how he can extract the email addresses from the documents without having to open each one. Is this possible? Or can these files be converted to some kind of contacts file in order to do this. He needs to send a flyer out and it would take countless hours to open all these(around 800) and get the addresses.

See this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2665750

This will merge all of the word documents into one, then he can open one document and copy/paste all the address from there or run his script etc.

I found this utility. Do not click the green download button. Click the Direct Download link. I tested it on 4 rtf files with random email addresses and it pulled out all of the email addresses. It worked on an XP computer but I have on tested it on Windows 7.


Thanks for the link. I was anxious to use it but the link's no good. Can you give another or a program to search for?

I tried it. It would run for 4 seconds, gather 50 addresses, then freeze. I did find another called easy email extractor that does the same thing. I'm hoping it works. It's been running 4 hours now at 50% CPU load. I'd thought it would be done by now.