View Full Version : What will you be gaming during the Holidays?

Wow, you have a busy weekend planned. I just picked up Far Cry 4 for PS4 so I’ll probably focus on that. But I will likely sink some more time into Destiny. I still have yet to do the Vault of Glass. Lack of time and friends that do the raid regularly are not in my timezone. Hopefully with 4 days, I can finally do that one.
I have 2 weeks off for the Christmas and New Years holidays. That’s probably the perfect time to immerse myself in Dragon Age.

I tried Vault of Glass with a random party and it was horrible, the only problem with playing with my friends is that we can only play really late in the weekends and that makes it a little difficult when I am trying to have a good time with my girlfriend and family.
I am probably going to end up logging in around 50 hours of play time over the break and I seriously can’t wait until the Christmas holiday since I get around a month and half before the next semester of school starts back up.
My plan is to get a Wii U on sale over the holidays to indulge in Hyrule Warriors and the Mario Kart and Smash Bros goodness as well but only time will tell with my budget for the holidays.
I had never looked into a Dragon Age regardless of hearing good reviews from close friends both online and in person but Dragon Age has just been getting raving reviews so it was hard to not indulge on it.

I’m Canadian, so Thanksgiving already happened to me but I am really excited to play Dragon Age and maybe Far Cry/Alien (depending on prices) over the Christmas break.