View Full Version : How "hardcore" is Dark Souls II?

You can "mine" for souls, then come back another day to "kill" the one that killed you. But over time, your "skills" improve when you know your enemy weaknesses and you can dodge their moves. So it can be quite fun mining too.
No real need to do any math except that you need x amount of souls to level up/upgrade weapon/armor and you probably need to read the wiki to see which skills to level up to so that the increment will not level off too much.
Nevertheless, that "sense of achievement" of beating something you’ve tried for ages is pretty awesome.
PvP can be quite annoying at times e.g. you’re on your way to kill a boss, and another player invades your world and you’ve gotta find him to kill or get killed. But once you get used to it, you just laugh it off. DS2 also has an area that "recruits" other players to join a covenant "Bell Keepers" and any time another player sets foot in this area, they get summoned into this player’s world to kill them/be killed.

so this PvP thing is just part of the game and not optional? that kinda sucks, no? i hated getting invaded in Clash of Clans (of all things, right?) which made me not care for the game anymore.

you won’t get invaded early in the game, so you have time to build your strength, etc…the area I mentioned will only trigger the invasions when you enter that specific area.

I think it’s a game you’ll either enjoy or hate – but you really can’t say after an hour of playing. It takes some time to understand what FromSoft are doing with their gameplay (live, die, repeat) and you’re encouraged to do so.
The thing with Dark Souls is that the first game is by far much, much more engrossing than the second. The second is a great game, don’t get me wrong – but the first is absolutely incredible in the level, world and gameplay loop design.
Watch some Twitch streams or YT videos for beginners. I got put off the first time around but I’ve sunk over 300 hours into DS1 on Xbox 360 and recently started a PC play.