View Full Version : How To Allow Komodo IDE Access To My computer Clipboard

My copy and paste in the IDE is not working because I cannot do selections with the cursor. In a previous post I saw that the writer who had had had a similar problem had solved it by disabling webroot on his computer and then, "allowing komodo access" to his clipboard. I don't have webroot on my computer. I have tried to allow the IDE "access to the clipboard" by checking the text boxes next to komodo in my computer's Fire Wall.Nothing has changed. Any suggestions, please, on the correct procedure for "allowing komodo access" to my clipboard ?
I can do copy and paste with the context menu but this is quite cumbersome because I can only copy one word or one whole line a time.
I have tried to uninstal and re-instal komodo but nothing has changed.Copy and paste was working fine when I was using komodo Edit 9.

What OS is this happening on?

It is happening on Windows 8.1.

Being unable to select multiple rows and columns only applies when I am using the Right-Click context menu.
I cannot do any selections at all without using the context menu.
1.Press the mouse button and try to drag the mouse over a piece of text from A to B. In the normal circumstance circumstances, I would expect the mouse to drag over and highlight the text from A to B but the mouse simply doesn't drag over the text-it simply moves the text without dragging down over it-so no text is selected.
2. When I open up the same file in firefox, selecting any area of the text with the mouse becomes possible but not before file is opened up in firefox.