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Hello. I have Outlook 2007 on an HP running Vista. I have a new laptop, HP running Windows 7 and equipped with Outlook 2013. How do I succesfully move my Outlook email?

I tried but ended up with two lists of folders: one under my email address and another list below it under Personal Folders. How do I merge them?


I think everything came through excepet the messages in my inbox on the old computer?

Are you using the same email address in 2013 as you were using in 2007?

Did you export and import the .pst files? If you did, then it will sometimes create two sets of folders. Simply select all, drag and drop emails from the duplicate folders into the profile you want to use, then delete the other set of folders.

if you used Outlook to connect to a cloud-based email provider (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) that gets a little trickier, as the changes you make in Outlook will often sync back up to the web-based mail system.

Were your other folders saved in an archive in Outlook? If so, you'll need to export the .pst file for the main profile/account in addition to the archive.

If those folders were part of the old profile/account, everything that was in your inbox should have been exported when you created the .pst file. Check the various personal folders that were created when you imported it into 2013.