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Hello. I have an HP running Windows Vista and Office 2007. I just bought an HP running Windows 7 along with Office 2013.

1. How do I set up office to import all my stored email? My pst file is in documents that I copied from the old computer to the new one. I guess I need to redirect Outlook 2013 to that pst file and use it. How do I do that?

2. How do I import my bookmarks from Firefox? Where are they stored on my old computer?


I don't use Outlook, but here's how to do the Firefox part. Hold down CTRL and SHIFT and press B. That opens the Bookmarks window. There you click the Import and Backup button, click Backup... and you'll get the window for saving. Change the destination folder to your flash drive or a networked folder, take it to the new computer and do the same process changing from the Backup... button to the Restore button.

Good luck.

As for importing the .pst into Outlook, under File, go to Open & Export, and use the Import/Export options to naviage to wherever you saved the .pst file, and import it.

Thanks for the replay.

So I now have in my Outlook 2013 on the new Windows 7 computer three different groups of email boxes, each with its own inbox, etc. Can I copy and paste all emails into one group and then delete the other two?