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I would like to grey scale an jpg image and then save it in the exact same format and the exact same file size as the original image, is this possible ? if so how ? please help.


Have you ever used photobucket? There is a free version, however you must create a user name and a password.

Website: http://photobucket.com/

I use Windows 7, what is your OS?

I found a picture and saved it as a jpeg. in My Pictures folder. Using photobucket, I uploaded the picture and saved it. The original color and size is just the same as I have on my computer. Here is the picture:

Using the photobucket edit feature and "saturation" I was able to move the bar to the left and now you'll see a "grey" version of the same pic.


Once you have finished editing your original picture and it's grey, you can right click and "Save Image As" to wherever you keep your pictures on your computer.

simian ~ another approach. If you have Microsoft Word 2010, here is a tutorial (without the pictures) on how you can make your picture "grey."

Using Microsoft Word 2010 ~ Changing a colored picture to “grey.”

Open Word, save your document first.

Click Insert Tab < click Picture Icon < Select the picture you want to grey out.

Now right click on the picture, copy the picture and paste it below the colored one. (Doing this will allow you to see the color difference.)

Once you are done, right click on picture < save as picture as < name it < save type as “JPEG File Interchange Format.”

In your pictures folder you'll find your original picture in color and your altered picture in grey!