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I have 2 computers, one running Windows 7 Home Premium (I'll call this 7HP), and one running Windows 7 Pro (7Pro). Both computers have Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro 7 that has been upgraded to 7.04 (PSP7.04). On the 7HP system, when I right-click on a .jpg pic and select open with and then choose PSP7.04, the picture will load into an already running PSP7.04, which is great and the way I want it to work. However, on the 7Pro system, when I try to do the same thing, a new PSP7.

opens up to load the pic, each and every time. This is NOT what I want it to do. I want it to act like the 7HP system where it will load the pic into the already running PSP7.04 without opening a new copy of the program. I have double-checked to make sure that all settings in Preferences of both PSP7.04s are exactly the same and yet it still happens. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, please? Is there a setting that I'm missing in either PSP7.04 or is there (i think more likely) something that I need to change in the 7Pro? I really need these to work the same way. Thanks!

You could always drag the jpg to the already running PSP window. Doesn't the option open with make the process longer? If you want we can have the jpg open in PSP when you double click on the file by changing default program options.

I actually did have it set up this way. However, often I wish to look at a picture before I adjust it on the off chance that it doesn't need to be changed or to see if it just needs to be deleted due to being out of focus or of center or whatever. The problem was that it took awhile for PSP7.04 to load. Now I have Picasa set to load a preview of the pic when I click on it and that is almost instant. I guess I could click and drag the pic. I'll try that...

Okay, wow. Yeah, that was so much faster! That solves that issue, thank you. Stupid thing is...I knew that but, for some reason, just forgot it could do that. Ever feel like an idiot? Someday I'll describe it to you. lol However, there may be other instances where I need two programs to work exactly alike. I'm sure it's a setting in 7Pro, I'm just not sure what it is.