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Hello everyone
(This is my first post)

I'm running Windows 7 with Office 2013. I got the military discount version. When I try to run programs it gives me this error stating 'Were sorry, but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Word will need to be closed as a result'

I have searched everywhere, done all the obvious things to fix it, and even contacted Microsoft support to help. They of course did all the same things I did again, then went into advanced troubleshooting. They told me there was registry issues etc. and for a repair would be $150. It went down to $100 when I told them no, so I'm trying to figure this out without the need to empty my pockets. I of course used a free registry fixer and tried it all over again but to no success.

Hoping I could get some more in-depth answers.


Anyone know for this!!

Is this a brand new problem?

Please post the exact version of your Microsoft Office product

--- I've seen some different Military versions; I imagine it was by download

--- Was it from Microsoft or a third party vendor?

Can you run Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook (if it's included in your version?)

Even though you are focused on Word, troubleshooting should involve whether or not the problem stems from the actual Microsoft Office product or just Word itself

Since Microsoft mentioned registry issues etc., Let's start with the registry issues

Refer to How to troubleshoot problems that occur when you start or use Word


There are sections for Word 2013

Whether or not we will need to know what etc. means remains to be seen

How long have you had the Microsoft Office Professional Plus? Although this page doesn’t include Microsoft Office Professional Plus, the lower left section indicates they’ll get you up and running for free

http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/cat/Office/categoryID.62684700?icid=USGobalNav_TopCat_6_Offic e2013_122013

--- I don’t understand why they wanted to charge you if this a new product you just purchased from their store

What would happen if you did a complete uninstall, contact them again and take them up on their claim that they’ll get you up and running for free?

Do you have a prior Microsoft Office version on your computer that should be uninstalled?

I haven’t found a Microsoft Office Professional Plus licensed for 2 computers

--- What is the exact wording that it can be installed on 2 computers?

--- I’ve seen EULA’s indicating an Office program can be installed on 2 PC’s but it’s usually for 1 desktop with a 2nd pc being a laptop

--- Is that possible in your case

If it doesn’t matter on whether or not the 2 PC’s are desktops or laptops I suppose that could means you purchased a Volume License for 2 computers but it doesn't sound like that to me

I’ve seen Microsoft Office Professional Plus being for 32-bit and/or 64-bit computers

--- Is that an issue on your computers?

--- Or does your download accommodate both 32-bit & 64 bit so you can select the one you need?

I think I'd back up any data I didn't want to lose, then restore my computer to factory settings. THEN reinstall Office. After that be sure to NEVER run a registry cleaner. They don't help, aren't needed for anything, and can cause problems that're difficult to diagnose and extremely difficult to fix.

Good luck.

Oh yes, I agree with that plan

Especially never running a registry cleaner is definitely an excellent recommendation