View Full Version : Olympus Xd Card Really Wiped?

I just tried to view some pics from an XD card on my laptop. It started to copy the files to the laptop so I clicked to stop that as I just wanted to view them. Now it seems I managed to wipe the whole card....and it's my mother's, with pix going back ages....Is there ANY way of retrieving them?? I get 'card error' when I put it back in the camera...am desperate for any help you can give!!

Let me look into this. In the meantime, DO NOT USE THE CARD FOR ANYTHING! Doing so will make retrieving any images off it nearly impossible.

There's been a discussion on this before, I just have to find it. :thumbsup:

ok am downloading that as we speak and will wait to see what steve has to say too....TIA

Thanks. One thing I do know is that I stopped it saving to the laptop, It saved about 5 pics before I hit 'cancel'. There were 300+ pics on it, and I only read need the last 20 or so as the others have been saved before. I'm going to try out everything I can to find them though, and thank you very much for your help. I have a feeling I'm going to be unlucky but I'll be sure to post here with the results! Thanks again :thumbsup: