View Full Version : Best Offline Multiplayer Games For Ps2?

i was wondering which games are the most fun offline for the ps2? and can u not just say one but like list several that are really good. thanks alot.

OFFLINE games? Odd, usually people ask for good online games....

Burnout 3 or Revenge is an awesome multiplayer game. Also check out sports games (Madden, NBA Live, Fight Night, etc.).

As for beat-em-up's, i haven't really played a good one in a while....

Posted 21 February 2006 - 11:00 PM
Well it almost looks like you ment to say 'online' since unless you just ment multiplayer in general, there are a ton of good game choices.

If you ment single player games, tons of choices that can include,
The Metal Gear Solid series rocks.
Dynasty Warriors is fun for awhile before it becomes too repetative.
RPG games like Final Fantasy X (x-2 sucks.......)

If you ment for multiplayer,
I'd imagine sports games are okay but I find sports games somewhat boring.
Fighting games are good for a little while. Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore is fun though but watch out it has a lot of bouncing breasts but it can be a cool fighting game though it is very unrealistic. For example, you can do a grab move where you can break the person's arm multiple times and they still come back punching. Lastly, there are first person shooter games but the split screens can get hard to watch and I'd imagine a FPS slowdown from the split screens. The new game, Black, seems really good looking for a PS2/xbox game.

If you ment online games,
I don't play any PS2 games online but I'd imagine that the rainbow six games and socom games are very popular. Also, Metal Gear Solid 3: substance will have online modes.

Timesplitters: any of the three are awesome.
Need For Speed: I like Most Wanted and Underground alot, and racing games are always fun as multiplayer games.
Madden 2006: Can't go wrong with sports games.
Tekken Tag Tournament: I can't tell you how many nights my friends and I have spent just screwing around with this game.
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