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I frequently compare the remote version of a file with the local one when I want to be sure the two versions are the same. Currently to do this I have to open up the remote version, highlight it, then use Tools/Compare Files. I tried to do this the other way around, which would save having to open up the remote version, by highlighting the local copy but there didn't seem to be a way of picking up the remote version to compare. I'm using Komodo 8.5.3.
Is there a way of doing this?

Tools - Compare files:
First file: ftp://Servername/yourfile
Second name: yourlocalfile
First file: yourlocalfile
Second name: ftp://Servername/yourfile
You can use drag'n'drop to set files to compare.
Or what are you talking about?

Thanks for this - I was expecting to be able to drill down to the remote file using Browse but I'll just have to enter the ftp address manually as you suggest. As regards drag and drop wouldn't I have to open the remote file in Komodo to allow me to do this, something I wanted to avoid?
I thought I'd solved this as I saw that I could add the remote site in Places, and the context menu for a highlighted file there gave me the Compare File With option. However when I selected the local file and tried to compare these for some reason or other I got the message "Error calculating difference: No such file or directory"!