View Full Version : Disable autocomplete feature for JS conditions

I want to remove or reconfigure the autocomplete feature in Javascript for conditions and functions, everytime i type "if(" for exemple i get this :
if (test) {
}Which is useless and pretty annoying to delete everytime I write a condition. I would just like Komodo to add the closing bracket, or nothing if it isn't possible.
Same for functions :
function name(args) {
}I looked in Komodo options but found nothing about that. Is there an hidden option somewhere for that ?

I don't understand your properly, but if I do, you can change trigger characters in Preferences - Editor - Smart Editing (when you type "if" and press space - it's abbreviate "if" statement to
if (test) {
}, so you just can remove space (it's after ! character http://forum.komodoide.com/images/emoji/apple/smiley.png )) .

I just disabled the feature ("(" was triggering it in fact), now it work as expected and it still add the closing bracket when i open one. Perfect.
Thanks for the help !

In your case you just could remove ( and space from Auto-abbreviation trigger characters (and your string will be looks like this: ->!\t@#$%^&*)+[]{}\\|/?:;<,"') and don't disable Auto-abbreviation feature http://forum.komodoide.com/images/emoji/apple/smile.png
This feature increase your speed of code typing and makes your code clear (just for example:
if(blablabla) {
if (blablabla) {
}Second example looks great because there are spaces before ( and after ) and code automatically tabulated. )