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What are the units for the "Line Spacing" preference under Preferences > Color Scheme > Fonts? It appears to default to 0 and text in the editor is notably more compressed vertically in Komodo than in other editors on my system configured to use the same font at the same size. I looked to see if this was covered in the new version of the docs, and the Line Spacing preference appears to be missing from that section of the docs.

Where would it be most helpful to submit suggestions or note gaps (like this) in the content of docs.komodoide.com at this point? I'm glad to submit those as issues on GitHub if that's the most appropriate location.

The default value for Line Spacing is 2, not 0.
I think it's better to report about it on the forums. Just notify one of the moderators/Komodo developers. Or you can use IRC. how about create a topic on the forums where users can notify us about some bugs/suggestions related to the docs?

On point two, if you login to the wiki using your Github account you can request editing rights and we may or may not give you permission. Give it a shot

Addition to Carey's post:
If you'll become an editor, there's a page contains the link on some broken pages:http://docs.komodoide.com/Wiki-Bugs

Feel free to fix some of the pages mentioned in this page or find and add other buggy pages to this page. http://forum.komodoide.com/images/emoji/apple/wink.png?v=0 (And... I know I've overused the "page" word http://forum.komodoide.com/images/emoji/apple/stuck_out_tongue.png?v=0 )