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Any1 using custom rom in their droid ?
i just put cyanogenmod rom in my optimus 500 and theres a huge performance boost http://www.techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

not to mention im on gingerbread now and have a different ui

Hi, I had a HTC HD2 for 18 months and pretty much changed the rom every week, I was also able to flash windows mobile 7 on to it and even have a dual boot with windows and android.
I now have a HTC desire s and just flashed a sense 3 rom, I find nearly all the custom rom are far better than the shipped rom in terms of speed-battery-funcionality and eye candy.

I just upgraded my Droid X2 to CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC0 from the stock OS. I must say the difference was amazing. The Droid X2 seemed rather slow at times on stock and prone to random freezes or reboots. I have had none of those issues since upgrading. It is now fast like what I expected when I bought it.

I would recommend using a custom ROM to anyone; just be sure to do your research first. You will need a computer available during this process. Unless you are adventurous I would stay away from Alpha test ROM's though as it is possible to brick your phone. Stay with something that has at least some test time on it as it should be very stable. Most releases list any possible issues you could encounter at XDA in the appropriate forum post. Be sure to read up and decide if the ROM you want will suite you. And just because you have a locked bootloader like me does not mean you can not have a custom ROM. You will need to root your phone to do this. Be sure to be patient and take your time. Download all the files needed to get back to a stock ROM before doing anything so you can go back if needed to recover from a bricked phone if something goes wrong. With Motorola phones you have SBF files. Each phone has it's own flash format and program to recover with. Then you need to proper recovery to install the custom ROM. Make sure to dedicate some time to this project if you take it on as it will consume some time if you do it right. However end the end will be a device that is a pleasure to use.