View Full Version : apple iphone 4 can i block callers?

i cant find a way to block callers on this phone, does it have a feature i haven,t found for this? it appears android has a feature or app to do this, but not apple, thank you much. (no jailbreaking)

According to this (http://www.everythingicafe.com/how-to-block-calls-on-iphone/2012/05/09/), you can set up a silent ringtone as the default and use other ringtones for your contacts.

i think i found a winner from your link, i will try it and get back to report if it works or not for sure. i have been getting scam calls from a number to a prision, after some research i find this is happining to 100,000"s of persons worldwide. in contacting the institution i learned they have many trunk numbers associated with a single billing address, so a limited number of calls i can block would be futile. thank you for responding.