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I have just, with difficulty, abstained from taking an axe to my nearly new $800 Win 8 laptop.

Having installed (and paid for) Office 365, I had some address labels to print, so downloaded and installed the Avery Wizard, something I have used for years in earlier versions of Word. Having carefully given my location as the USA, the download turned out to be the Australian version, something I did not discover until I had installed it and tried to use it. I then found a list of totally unfamiliar template names, and totally unfamiliar dimensions. Having lived metric for most of my life, I am not daunted by millimeters etc., but 38 millimeters (OK, millmetres for the Aussies and Brits here) is not the same as one inch! (US Bureau of Standards defines one inch as 25.4 mm, so the U.S. has actually been metric for several decades now, though most Americans would drop dead if they realized it :))..

So the labels I printed were complete garbage. Waste of a sheet of Avery labels. No matter. So I went back online and downloaded the U.S. version of the Wizard, and installed that over the top of the already installed one. It duly told me it was upgrading the existing installation, and I thought Hooray, this is going to work (the U.S. Wizard file is more than four times the size of the Australian one, so something fishy there, and I don't mean barramundi or Murray River cod <G>) Alas, when I opened the Wizard again it was the same old list of completely unidentifiable template numbers, not a single one corresponding to any product available in the U.S. I mean, I greatly enjoyed my far too short time in Oz - six weeks or so, mostly in the wilder parts of N Qld - but I wasn't trying to run an office there and am not at all familiar with label sizes and such truck - and anyway it doesn't matter because I now live in the U.S. and have to use the office products available here!

Also, having once tried to search for Avery templates from inside MS Word 2013, when I open Word it now inexorably opens that search page, and only by tricky contortions (which I often get wrong) can I get back to the basic Word home page. The new Word seems bent on doing for me all kinds of things I haven't asked it to do, and actually DO NOT WANT it to do. People have been shot for less.

So do I just root the whole thing out and go back to Office 2007, for which I have the discs (indeed, Enterprise edition) and which I somewhat understand (including the Avery Wizard)? Or is there some way to fix this FUBAR mess?

This morning I uninstalled the Avery program, and then reinstalled it from the U.S. install file. Now all I get is an Avery "app" from the store, no choice of templates and no "Avery Wizard" button on the Word home screen. There are some templates, but I think only the ones I downloaded yesterday before I tried downloading the Avery Wizard. Still can't get what I want, which at this moment is a plain blank 5160 template with empty cells, no fancy decorations or other crap. Since I print a few labels at a time, thus running the sheet through the printer several times, the cells I'm not using at the moment have to be empty. That has never been a problem before - I've been doing it for years. Pick the template I want off the menu, pick a blank copy of it, and go ahead. Now I can't do that. Very frustrating.

Try this. Open a blank Word document, click Insert>Apps for Office, select Find more apps in the Office Store, and add the Avery app.

More details here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/use-avery-templates-in-word-HA102850055.aspx

I rather doubt the printer will cause any issues for the XP machine as far as viruses go. Most viruses need an operating system to interact with, and I suspect the printer's firmware is too primitive an environment for most malware. I don't see how a virus could jump from the network to the printer, and then on to the XP machine. Unless you can access that printer from outside the router, i.e. the Internet, I don't see any threats to your system coming from that arrangement.

My understanding is the Avery app allows you to create custom labels. I assume you could create a blank one, without the flowers. But that may be more effort on your part than it's worth...