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Hello. I recently switched to Word 2013. It's taking some getting used to.

In prior versions of Word when I would "save as" or "open" I would get a folder list. If it were the first time since I had opened the program it would be my default setting: in my case, "My Documents." If I had opened a document and tried to "save as" it would show the most recent folder I had opened.

In Word 2013 instead of a folder list I get a list of recent documents. I also get a choice of Recent Documents, One Drive, Computer and Add a Place. This requires that I go through extra clicks to get to the proper folder. Is there a way to switch to a folder view?

By the way, what is this One Drive business?

Do I need to Add a Place each time I open a folder?

Thank you.

You can select a default folder to save to, or set the default to Computer, and then navigate to the folder you want to save to -- File>Options>Save, check Save to Computer by default. You can select your default folder here as well.

When Saving As, you should be seeing a list of recent folders you've saved to, to the right of the OneDrive and Computer options.

If you have an outlook.com, live.com or hotmail.com email address, you can download the OneDrive application to your desktop and use it to save and sync files and folders to storage in the cloud. If you don't have email accounts with any of those, you can ignore the OneDrive option.

Hello there,

One Drive is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/onedrive/windows-app-faq#1TC=other

Hope this helps!

That is correct. There is also a client application you can install on your PC that essentially creates a mapped network drive. It will add a folder that appears in Windows Explorer, alongside the ones for Documents, your C drive, etc.
Files saved to OneDrive in a browser will sync to your computer whenever you boot up your PC. Files saved to the OneDrive folder on the PC are uploaded to the cloud.
The idea is you can save and work on files locally when on your PC, and save and work on them through a browser when you are somewhere else and need access to them.