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Hey everyone

Okay we have a user who has a Google apps for business account. So we merged her internal work account with that and allow her to log in to her Gmail in the outlook interface. We have a re-direct on her E-mail so it if someone sends an email to "INTERNAL@INTERNAL.com" It gets redirected to "GOOGLE@GOOGLE.COM" (examples).

Now it worked great for a dew days however, the problems have started growing as they do.

First of all we got a sync on her contacts which seems to have duplicated her contacts and also moved contacts into random folder.

Next she cannot send mass E-mail, when she does she gets the following bounce back (E-MAILS HAVE BEEN HIDDEN)

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: ---------------: January, 2014 | Canolfan Ffilm Cymru: Ionawr, 2014
Sent: 23/01/2014 11:27

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

'**********@*************' on 23/01/2014 11:27
This email message was not sent because it has an invalid BCC address. Please change the BCC address and try again.

This will be followed by all the E-mail addresses in the BCC. This user urgently needs to send out E-mail as a mass. Any ideas?

Google limits 99 max users on outbound single E-mail. See: https://support.google.com/a/answer/166852?hl=en

How do you have the Google account configured in Outlook? Are you using the Google Apps sync tool for Outlook? Is she sending using the Google Apps email address, or has she configured it to "send as" the internal email account?