View Full Version : please, i need a good business windows organizer

good morning to all,

please, i am looking for a windows pro level organizer

i need something to keep my business notes, contact details, diary, calendar, calculator, unit converter that can be synchronized to my android and mobile windows 8.1 (if any)

for the moment i use my mobile phone's calendar (android) but i need something better for my pc

thanks in advance

Not sure about a unit converter or calculator that can be synced to your android, but the rest of these items can be done using Outlook.

Specifically an exchange server connection. Microsoft has a hosted exchange server that you can use for $4.00 per month and it will allow you to save notes, contacts, diary entries and emails synced to as many devices as you want.

good afternoon dear gavinseabrook,

i thank you for your kind reply

i forgot outlook !

i will give a try later