View Full Version : Exclusives are the worst thing in this industry

I'm so tired and sick of seeing Sony or Microsoft exclusives for a game or DLC. Why can't the game just be released for all platforms, so everyone can enjoy it? This just proves companies care more about money than their customers. I really hope exclusives are done with very soon.

I think they're good, Its probably easier to make a game for one console they also create more competition and each company wants to do better than the other and sell more consoles so they try to make better games. But I do think there will start to be less exclusives because games are getting more expensive so they will want to sell to as many people possible.

If there would be no exclusives there'd be no "x-factor" to choose between each system. Are you just finding out that these companies don't give a sh*t about us? You think they go into gaming for the fans? No, because there's potential to make billions of dollars. This industry is a quick flip for them, but they try to out do each other and lose a sh*tload of money at first. If exclusives are gone then MS, Sony. and Nintendo would have almost no selling points.

Lets say each system, was exactly the same. Same hardware, the only things different were the "gimmicks" like the Wii U gamepad, Kinect, and PS Camera/Move. If that'd be f*cking boring and sh*t. There's always going to be comparisons, right? I'd rather compare exclusive content instead of comparing controls. Exclusives are the killer content. It's like any other products. People pick Apple for the great design and the amazing App Store. People pick Android for being more open and customizable. If there was no exclusives it'd be pointless in being more than one console.

What if you're an owner of Xbox though and really want to play TLOU, but you can't because it's PS3 exclusive. Flip side, if you're a PS3 owner and really want to play the new Halo game, nope, that isn't happening. Exclusives suck.

So corporations are more concerned about money than their customers? In other news, the sky is blue and the grass is green.