View Full Version : Wherefore Art Thou Next Gen?

Does anyone else feel like this has been a really strained and bizarre transition into the next generation of consoles? I have a PlayStation 4 that I bought along with NBA 2K14 and it is quite literally collecting dust in the corner of my room at the moment. I blew some off to play InFamous: Second Son, and really, apart from the amazing visuals - it didn't feel like it was a 'next gen' experience at all. In fact, I think the best game I've played on the PlayStation 4 so far was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Which again, was hardly a next gen experience. Looked beautiful, played like a Ps3/Xbox 360 game.

Furthermore, I'm getting a little bored of hearing about all of these remakes that are coming to Ps4. The Tomb Raider definitive edition. The Last of Us 'Complete' edition or whatever. I literally played these games a couple of months before the PlayStation 4 was released, I have no desire to pay a f*ck load of money and play them again just with a new lick of paint. I also read this morning there is going to be a Mass Effect Trilogy re-released on PS4/XBOX ONE. I mean really? I didn't shell out for a brand spanking new powerful console just to play last gen games with an updated frame rate.

Sorry if this has got a little 'ranty' but it is bothering me and making me question an early investment of the PlayStation 4. Any other next gen owners feel the same?

I don't own a next-gen console, but I can understand your ranting. The only games which I feel will actually squeeze out some power of the new consoles is Arkham Knight and Order 1886. Second Son was somewhat there but... meh.

IIRC, It was a very similar situation when the 360/PS3 came around, Give it some time, We'll be seeing some Proper titles within a year or so.

So, you bought a new console knowing that there aren't any decent games for it yet?

Cool story.

That's video games from here on out. Prettier graphics and lifeless sandboxes.

Hopefully down the road a few developers will start to make games in order to push standards a bit higher. Even if it means making a little bit less profit.