View Full Version : Photo PS3 EXPERT NEEDED

this has happened a few times in the last couple months. (only while playing gtao)

ill get a ''no signal'' black screen (but sound is still on), then after a few seconds it comes back on.

this sh*t is not good. the av output stopped working after the first few months of getting this ps3.. now all of a sudden this starts happening with hdmi too.

does anybody know the exact problem? and can it be fixed without replacing the console itself?

Is it a PS3 slim?
Maybe the motherboard is going bad?

Try resetting your video configurations and see if that does anything. If not, then delete the game data and redownload it.
I have a 2007 80GB PS3 and never had problems like that happen. Only the usual freezing.

If this was on PC I would attribute this to video driver (most of the time) or video card failure. But this is a console, so I have no idea. Good luck though.

nah..its the 250gb super slim. cech-4001b model. (apart of the moh warfighter bundle)
i doubt the game data or video settings has anything to do with it. i know its the ps3.. i just need to know what it is, and can it be replaced without losing anything.