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Anyone here plays Insurgency?
Im interessted in this game for a long time, but never cba to pick it up. From what I heared and read it seems to be an amazing game.
8.5 Userscore on Metacritic, which is VERY high compared to other games including AAA games.
Its very Hardcore and plays quite a bit like Red Orchestra. Using cover and leaning alot. You die very fast which results in a very careful gameflow. So you wont see anybody rushing through the map like in CoD or BF. But as I said, I dont own it yet. Its all based on reviews from other players and videos I watched.
Game was released only 3 months ago.

I've played a little of it, and it's good to be honest. I'd dare say that this game is more realistic when it comes to combat than ArmA. Only problem I had with the game was that there weren't many weapons to choose from, and most of them were the common ones (M4/AK47).

I heared that they add weapons from time to time with free Updates. Latest one is the Molotov Spring Update:

I watched a list of weapons and it seems ok to me. AFAIK both teams have different weapons.

I love watching gameplay of this. Hopefully it gets ported to consoles.